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Consignment Policy

(effective February 2017)

As part of our commitment to being an important resource in the local community, we are proud to support English language local authors in the National Capital Region. Because of the proliferation of writers choosing to self-publish, we have found it necessary to formalize our consignment policies.

Please read the following conditions carefully before contacting us with a request to carry your book.

  1. We will give priority to books from authors local to this community.
  2. Not all genres will sell in this store. We reserve the right to respectfully deny a request for consignment if we feel the book does not fit our market.
  3. There will be a non-refundable one-time $20.00 deposit to stock your book. This is a reflection of the time and effort required to process, track sales and to communicate with writers.
  4. You will be accorded a two-hour time slot in the store at a mutually convenient time to introduce your book(s) to our customers. Typically this is a meet and greet, not a reading. This allows you to talk to real readers about your book and to kick start sales.
  5. We follow an industry standard of a 60/40 split in the sale of each book. In other words, 60% of the retail price is remitted to the writer while 40% is retained by Perfect Books
  6. We will pay you every 6 months for books sold. Sales will be reviewed and cheques sent out in early February and early August.
  7. We will accept no more than 3 copies of your book at a time. If we sell down to one copy, we’ll call you to re-stock. (DO NOT call us to ask how sales are progressing. We will call you)
  8. After 6 months, we will review the sales of your book. If we deem the sales to be too low, we will contact you to pick the unsold copies at the store. If they remain unclaimed after one month, we will donate them to a local charity.

If these terms are acceptable, please contact Perfect Books via e-mail (consignment@perfectbooks.ca) and arrange a mutually convenient time to drop books off and complete a consignment agreement with one of our staff. Please do not arrive unannounced at the store. We don’t have enough staff to take time away from our regular activities to create a consignment contract.