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Brian L. Flack

Sunday Jun 23

Perfect Books is happy to welcome Brian L. Flack to the store on Sunday, June 23rd from 1 to 3 p.m. when he will be offering his current book, When Madmen Lead the Blind. Read a bit about the book….

Stephan Markle and his mother, Anna, are “trapped” in the afterlife. He has forgotten who he is. Anna doesn’t seem to care who she is.

    In alternating monologues that play with the idea of truth, they revisit how they came to be where they are and who they are. But memory, or the lack of it, is confounding.

    Alan M. Freedman, Stephan’s friend, hasn’t forgotten who he is. Also “trapped” beyond life, he is angry about their fate and wants to fight back against those who have undermined them.

    Praxiteles Moussakas, the man immediately responsible for Stephan’s death and, quite inadvertently, for Alan’s and Anna’s, is alive, but he is despairing and vulnerable … a prime candidate for an “intervention”.

    What is forgotten and what is remembered and why are at issue in this novel. As are the true identities of Stephan, Alan, and Anna; their intentions; and the fallout from the decisions they, and Praxiteles, make.

    When Madmen Lead the Blind will challenge every reader’s long-held assumptions about what precedes and what follows life as we know it.